My Art


   My work is for your appreciation. Here you will find the progression of my style through collection of works that spans more than few decades.  

On my blog page I write about the process of creating my work , the inspiration, the techniques, the materials, and the outcome, will further give you an insight and the understanding of what my art and life is about. 

A lot of times I'd like to think that the work can speak for itself, only to be surprised when it whispers different stories to as many as are willing to share their impressions with me. 

It is heartwarming when such collaborations happen. I'd also like to think that my work contributes, in some small way, to making an existence and life more peaceful and enjoyable for you. Whenever you want, drop me a note and ask questions :)   

The creative process

Member only group for dedicated artist to be inspired daily. Information will be available soon.

Upcoming events

There will be workshops and retreats for artists and all who'd like to get their creative mojo on.

Satisfaction is possible

Would love your positive responses and will post them. Critiques are welcomed and will be considered up to a point. Please leave them in the contact section.


The month of July is devoted to finishing snowflakes  and working on summer wardrobe for Alex and Kimberly.

Sewing for Dolls

Mostly 18" American Girl etc.


This is forthcoming and if you have any questions please ask in the contact section.


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